Top 5 Spiritual Things to do in Bali

by kalyn on March 30, 2011

Once you’ve been to Bali and you begin to talk with others about it
you will no doubt be surprised at how many people have been to this small island on the other side of the world of all places. But there is a reason for this: the ‘island of the Gods’, or Bali, is a magical place where sprits naturally open and soar, so there is a calling. No doubt you have heard of Bali, because it seems everyone has even when they can’t recall when they heard of Bali. It is almost as if it is just a given- Bali is an amazing, beautiful and spiritual place to visit. A must on spiritual bucket lists.


Balinese Traditional Foods

by Carl on January 23, 2011

Balinese Food – In Bali you can witness and experience a lot of famous things: the beaches, the temples and the Balinese people. But one thing you will never forget is the traditional Balinese food.

Bali has a wide range of traditional foods made from traditional ingredients – giving you a delightful taste.

The authentic traditional Balinese food is still very much present on the menu of every Bali restaurant, whether it is owned by a foreigner or by a Balinese. But the best places for Bali food are those where you will find the Balinese crowd eating.

The traditional Balinese food are made from pork, chicken, and duck. You can hardly find beef in the menu here since cow is a sacred animal in Bali. The traditional foods are all served with steamed rice and some with vegetables. Most of the Balinese foods are made for special occasions, but because everyone wants to taste them, the foods are easily found in small restaurants.

A real Balinese food is the Satay Lilit. It is made out of snapper filet, prawns, coconut and different kinds of herbs. A lot of restaurants serve this dish so when you see it on the menu it is surely worth a try.

Nasi Campur is a famous Balinese food and it is easy to find. It contains a bowl of steamed rice, mixed with steamed vegetables with shredded spicy coconut, fried nuts, coconut milk, few shreds of fried/dry curry chicken, chopped seasoning, meat or fish, and hot traditional chili sauce.

The most famous Balinese food is Babi Guling. It is made from a whole pig, suckled with spice paste and veggies inside, and then grilled and rolled up over with dried coconut shells until it is well done. If you talk with any Balinese about the food, they are likely to ask if you have already tasted Babi Guling.

Another typical Balinese food you will often find on the menu is Bebek Betutu. It is made from chicken or duck, chopped or not, and filled up with spices such as salam leaf, turmeric, ginger, galangal, kencur, garlic, onion, and chilies inside. Many restaurants have this on their menu but it takes hours to prepare, so it is better to order it a day in advance.

Lawar is different from any other local food in Bali. It is a blend of vegetables, meat and various tropical spices. These ingredients are blended together and then mixed with raw pig blood. Usually served during popular festivals or occasions, lawar is well-known to the locals. If there is one thing you should add to your bucket list it is to experience exquisite Balinese food.

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