The Divine Waters in Bali

by kalyn on January 11, 2011

Bali spirituality is Everywhere in The Island of The Gods

Pool at Tirta Empul Temple

What was it like to stand up to my waist in a pool as I dunked my head in the spout of divine water, washing everything that was weighing  me down?

Standing in the water at the Tirta Empul Temple was initially a bit cold, but only for a minute. There are several spouts flowing water into the first of two pools. Initially I instructed the group I was leading to open and allow the water to wash all their karma, or the energies they no longer preferred away. At the first couple of spouts I noticed this experience at my body’s level: my focus couldn’t help but be on the water, on holding my breath as I put my head under the stream drenching my whole body. At first I noticed the pressure hitting my head and then my shoulders. This isn’t a small spout, like on a shower head; it’s a fist-sized spout, so the water could almost double as a massage, especially on my back and shoulders.

Wash it All Away!

Then things start to shift and changed. My focus, as with everyone in my group, begins to leave physicality. I stop noticing my body and the water. I am focusing on the deep feeling, truly the energetic sensation, of those things that I have been carrying on my energetic body: on my shoulders a weight of concern; on my head are the many thoughts about ‘how to’, ‘when to’, ‘what’s best to’; somewhere else I notice the way I’ve been seeing my life. I have known but not known how I’ve been feeling about my life and suddenly something has loosened with the water and I’m aware of what I no longer preferring in my life. It feels a bit heavy. I have been trying too hard in my life, even though I teach others to allow. My allowing has increased every step of the way and today is gifting me an even larger step. I see the subtle ways I’m trying– because I want things to improve and I too want to become the next version of Who I truly am. But now all of a sudden I’m seeing into another dimension, a dimension of my inner world. I’ve lost site of the physicality around me, partially due to the fact that I am not seeing with my water-filled eyes and partially just due to the transformational energy of this temple, of Bali. Bali spirituality is a a way of life here.

In this inter-dimensional place of me I find that I have no judgment, so I don’t have to battle any part of myself. Instead I just choose to let this sacred water wash this away. I focus here and allow the rapid flow to quickly take this too. I do the same at the next spout, focusing on a different aspect of myself to clear this trying from and then one more time clearing another aspect at the following spout.

I am still not here and not there. It feels great, and thinking back it’s like the Twilight Zone that I used to watch as a kid, only metaphysical because I’m just in the place that doesn’t exist in my everyday life, this place that is magical. I am feeling lighter and I can sense, or deeply feel, that this trying has washed away. I am at ease and open; I am feeling more connected to something larger in me which gives me a faint whisper that I am bigger than the trying or any related worries; I’m so much bigger.

Bali Trees

Before the next spout I stop, taking a minute to look around at the physical world I have temporarily left behind. I see these huge, amazing trees. Another whisper says yes, you are at least as large and far-reaching as these trees. Trees in Bali are beautiful and soulful. They are easily a hundred feet high and wide, their branches ever-reaching. I sigh, because it’s hard to take so much love, so much energy and joy in all at once.

I turn to face the water spout again and just continue to cleanse, asking that what needs to be cleansed is. A little something here and there jumps up to my surface of awareness. I allow these to also be washed away.

I reach the last two spouts in the first pool and I sense that there is an energetic shift. These spouts are a bit different and they are about asking for what I prefer, about focusing on Who I want to be in my life and What I want to experience.

I let an advanced student behind me know so that he can tell the next person. Then I focus on my desires. My desire to feel bigger, expanded and more loving in my life; my desire to be the best mother I can be; my desire to continue to grow my marriage; my desire to be the best spiritual life coach I can be.

Can I describe what happens at this spout? It’s not easy talking about things that seem to come from another realm, things that have no limits and seem to touch everything with their magic. Especially when trying to relate it to something as seemingly simple as water coming from a spout. I guess this is why some of the greatest gifts in life come in the smallest packages.

All I can say is that in these last two spouts, one for asking and the other for receiving, things feel different in me. I visit a place in myself or in the spout where my dreams are possible and where there is no separation between myself and them. I just am the person with these, as we all truly are.

They say Bali is the island of the Gods and surely I have tasted why they say so. Temples like this, centers of Bali spirituality are all over this amazing island.  It seems that Bali has windows and doors to the realm of the Gods which we can go through and return from, changing our lives forever. If you want a truly spiritual experience to add to your bucket list, visit Bali and experience Bali spirituality first hand.


Kristopher & Kalyn Raphael lead Sacred Journeys all over the world and are authors and co-founders of The Golden Flow™ System. They have been spiritual life coaches for over ten years helping empower people to live their best lives.

Join K2, as they are known, on their next journey to Bali in May 2011. Experience Bali spirituality for yourself.

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