Bali Spirituality For the Feminine

by kalynraphael on November 26, 2010

Bali Spirituality

I want to share my experience in Bali with you because it turned my world around. There were so many things that impressed upon me and upon my soul, I almost don’t know where to start. So, I’ll start with something simple – the feminine energy of Bali spirituality.

Living in the US and knowing Mexico well, I am accustomed to masculine energy or male-dominated societies. These are societies which are more doing and accomplishment-oriented. These are also societies in which being a male automatically provides some advantages. They are very different, however, than the feminine energy prevalent in Bali spirituality and society.

I had never imagined that I would ever find a place with feminine energy, nor could I have imagined what this would be like- until I experienced Bali spirituality. One of the many gifts I received from Bali was experiencing the feminine. By this I mean that life in Bali comes from more feminine-based principals such as emotionality and creativity. The people in Bali are more being-oriented and feeling-oriented than we tend to be. A feminine, nurturing aspect of theirs is that they value positive experiences and their religion greatly and dedicate their energies thus. For example, in Bali spirituality, which people actually live, three times a day an offering is placed at the home’s or businesses’ mini-temple or alter, and in several other key positions. The offering is a bamboo leaf basket with flowers, incense and a little food. It was interesting to witness the prepared offering being set out. Often I thought I saw the person making the offering praying and invoking energy as they placed the offering. I truly can’t imagine people in the US taking five minutes to relax three times a day and pray, since we always seem to be running short on time and to us our religion or spirituality aren’t given such dedication.

The question crossed my mind as to whether the Balinese perhaps had the luxury of time due to money or such, allowing them to be less productive and more nurturing of the soul or their arts. However, I quickly saw that people in Bali don’t have it all, not by far. They are very happy people whose mouths have grown larger, I’m certain, from all the smiling and laughing that they do. They are always pleasant with one another and ask you to “please enjoy” meals and other services. Again, why so happy? Are they making a ton of money with their world-famous batiks, their detailed wood carvings or other intricate art? I found that this isn’t so. On the contrary, I saw that the world economy has affected tourism, a major stream of income, and that most merchants were hungry for a sale, even though their priceless art is affordable before you barter the price down. Success, riches and fame – our usual avenues to happiness- just didn’t apply here. Their joy comes from something else, which I decided comes from the energy in the air that they all breath – the essence of Bali Spirituality.

Yes, the energy. The highly-vibrating energy of Bali feeds the mind, body and soul. There is just something in the air that puts you in a trance, allowing you to relax into an endless flow of well-being. Being in Bali is like being in a fabulous meditation in which you are held, caressed and cared for by your Soul. You know you are in heaven, that all is well and that you will be provided for. The wonderful weather, amazing food and affordable massages reassure you of your royal stature in life. And then, how can you not feel enchanted? This enchantment is part of Bali spirituality.

Of course, an age old question is which came first: the chicken or the egg? Was the energy in Bali like this first, or did the feminine energy of Bali increase and bring out the amazing energy of Bali? Well, once the cycle is started, they feed each other: the feminine, nurturing, creative energy causes the Balinese to be joyful and gracious; the more the Balinese are like this, the more they put out their offerings or partake in a procession down the street leading to temple, activating the amazing energy of Bali and feeding that feminine flow that is so much a part of Bali spirituality.

On this trip all of us ladies couldn’t help but notice and experience more of our femininity and become more of who we truly are, the feminine aspect being an undeniable and powerful part of us. A calm and tranquility permeated the air, allowing us each to travel deeper into ourselves and into our own spiritual connection, whether we were at a Balinese temple or just walking down the street. You owe it to yourself to experience the energy of Bali spirituality first hand.

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Kay December 4, 2010 at 12:22 am

I just got back from Bali (I have been back in the states for just a little over a week), and I have a very similar experience to the one you described. I found your post while looking to find out if other had experience similar energy while they were in there. I have never felt so nurtured, loved, and connected to myself in all my life. I don’t want to over-idealize Bali: I saw the pollution and the poverty, but I know in my hear they are on to something.

Thank you, Bali. For teaching me more about connection.

Kay December 4, 2010 at 12:23 am

It’s been a long week. Sorry about the typos in my previous comment.

Diana March 20, 2011 at 3:17 am

I liked your insights on the Balinese energy. I went to Bali last month and I still miss it very much. You’ve helped me zero in on the nurturing energy that abounds on that island. Thank you.

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